Our Beliefs

The principles that guide our business

The ideas that define us

Some of our beliefs we started out with; others we learned to be important over time. We intend that these beliefs are reflected in all the outcomes of our firm’s activities.

Our Markets

Because we are committed to living long-term in the countries where we operate, we believe that we share in — and contribute to — the success of our markets. We believe that a private sector approach is the most effective way to bring sustainable improvement to emerging economies. We believe that by recruiting and cultivating local talent as full members of our team we make a lasting investment in the countries where we work.

Our Clients and Investees

We believe in dealing with our clients and investees as our partners. We believe in building relationships that far outlast the life of any one project. We believe that by giving our clients candid, unbiased advice, we best help them to make the difficult decisions that lead to lasting improvement. We believe that through trustful and interactive partnerships with our investees we can support them in achieving profitable growth and good governance. We believe that our Group should support businesses through their full life-cycle, from inception to listing and beyond.

Our Staff

We believe that in hiring staff we are making as big a commitment to them, as we are asking of them. We believe that through long-term mentoring and development, every staff member can gain the chance to become a leader of our firm and that all roles provide opportunities for leadership. We believe that a collaborative team-based approach allows us to come up with the best solutions for our investees and clients and makes our work more exciting and rewarding.

Our Approach

We believe in delivering advice crafted from solid business analytics and deep local market knowledge. We believe that through rigorous analysis and local knowledge we can identify real investment potential. We believe doing the right research is better than doing more research. We believe that by living in the countries where we work we are better positioned to give advice — and have more at stake in how it is carried out.

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