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Our economic research across trade, logistics, foreign investment, labour markets, ASEAN integration and a variety of specific industries, provide us with access to data and policy makers which helps inform our advice across our entire client base. Via our work for Asian Development Bank, World Bank, ILO and major bilateral donors, EMC has contributed to key publications on Mekong economies, to inform priorities and strategic objectives for sustainable economic development.

Lao PDR SME: Opportunities

Lao PDR SME: Opportunities

Lao PDR has grown relatively rapidly, but needs to focus on the non-resource sector to innovate, diversify its economy and generate more inclusive wealth. SME are a key component of ... Read more

Cambodia: Diversifying Beyond Garments and Tourism

EMC conducted the key formative research for the ADB on Industrial Diversification in Cambodia to inform the ADB’s Country Partnership Strategy. EMC assessed industrial policies, including Special Economic Zones (SEZ), fiscal incentives, support to skill acquisition and recruitment, export promotion, and encouragement of increasing value add.

The resulting background paper formed the basis of Chapter 4 ‘Diversification & Upgrading’ of ADB Cambodia Country Diagnostic Study 2014 ‘Diversifying Beyond Garments and Tourism’ (downloadable).

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